Journey to the West

A Note from Everett

This is a call for artistic and vocal talent: artists check out the Artwork section to see character and background descriptions. Vocal talent can read voice descriptions in the Voices section.


The Mockup

Due to the Herculean efforts of Greg and Michele, the DVD mockup has been completed! I used this for my Master's Thesis and it got many complements. I'll post excerpts of it here soon. This has given us a chance to see and hear how the pieces will fit together. I'm already working on script revisions so that the story can be told more effectively.

Next: The Film

This is the long term goal, and it involves far more work. At this point, the visual look and feel of the characters and backgrounds should be established. The dialog will have been recorded, and the vocal talent will have added their own touch of personality to the characters. Here begins the long process of detailed animation. After that is complete, new music will be written that syncs up with the picture and serves to unify the story.

Right now I'm looking for artwork so I can decide on a visual feel for the backdrops and the film. Check out the artwork section of this site for more details, including verbal descriptions of the main characters and backgrounds. If you're an artist, please contact me or send samples of your work.

Why contribute? It's your chance to get your name out there for a unique collaboration. We will all get to learn the ropes of film-making and be recognized for our efforts. If you are already an established artist, consider your contribution as a venue for free publicity.

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